Studieresa Q&A: Calvin Chan, Swarthmore College

Studenterna har nu varit på studieresor runt om i Europa. På studieresorna får de möjlighet att utforska andra Europeiska städer och samtidigt utvecklas inom sitt studieområde. Studieresorna är en viktig del utav upplevelsen på DIS då den bidrar till att studenterna får en unik inblick i sitt huvudämne.

Calvin Chan läser just nu Translational Medicin: From Bench to Bedside här på DIS. Under mars var han på studieresa i London i en vecka. Läs mer om vad Calvin gjorde under hans studieresa nedan.

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DIS: Hi Calvin! Can you tell us what you are studying and why you choose this program?

Calvin: I am studying Biology and Statistics at Swarthmore College. I was always interested in nature, and things about the cell and the body in grade school. I thought it was a good way to integrate two studies because in statistics, you get to analyze data that you generate from biology and I thought it was a great marriage of two departments.

DIS: How was it to travel to another European country to learn more about your major?

Calvin: My Study Tour was in London, which was a beautiful city. To travel to another European country was an interesting experience because I guess that in lot of European countries, you are not used to understanding the language but going to London, you understand what everybody is saying. I thought it was a good experience and it is interesting to compare the cultures, across Sweden, specifically in Stockholm and in the States where I am from to London. Each one is very different but also have some similarities between them.

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DIS: What did you do during your Study Tour?

Calvin: We did a lot of research visits, for instance we went to the Genomics England Institute to look at their initiative to get genomics data to help map out potential markers for rare diseases. We also went to a research institute at one of the universities there to look at different theories that are being developed right now for different diseases. And we also went to a musical at West End, which was an amazing experience. And we also went on the London Eye as a whole group which was very fun, I really enjoyed that.

Translational Medicine Class London Eye

DIS: What was your favorite thing to do or see during your Study Tour?

Calvin: I think that my favorite thing to do during the Study Tour must have been doing the Street Art Tour. I think all of us thought so, we walked around and see all grand sites and it was a really good way to see how people how are traditionally maybe neglected can express their artwork in a very meaningful way for everyone to see across the streets.

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Translational Medicine Class Street Art Tour

Translational Medicine Class on Street Art Tour

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