End of Semester Showcase och glöggmingel

Höstterminen har börjat gå mot sitt slut, men innan vi sa på återseende till höstens studenter arrangerade DIS ”End of Semester Showcase” där ungdomarna fick en chans att visa upp vad de har arbetat med under terminens gång.

På plats fanns lärare, personal, värd- och besöksfamiljer. Förutom att vi fick se fantastiska arbeten avnjöt vi glögg, lussekatter och Kungliga Musikhögskolan bjöd på ett fint luciatåg. Vi pratade med några av studenterna som presenterade sina arbeten.

End of sem. showcase STO FA17 (40)

Davonya och Abbie, Sewanee, University of the South

”We are enrolled in the core course, Positive Psychology. On our study tour to Greece, we investigated the meaning behind a Greek concept called Filotimo. Filotimo cannot be directly translated into any other language, but it implies feeling happy and harmonious; treating other people like your friend of honor; being content with less; and becoming one with nature. We asked locals what makes them happy, and ‘spending time with family’ was an answer that we kept hearing. In class, we also learned a lot about misconceptions about positive psychology. In order to become genuinely happy, you actually need to address negative issues and let it make you heal and grow. Filotimo has taught us a lot and made us very reflective of what is truly important.”

End of sem. showcase STO FA17 (24)

Kat, University of Kansas, och Matt, College of Wooster

”Gender Equality and Sexuality in Scandinavia took us on tour to Berlin. We did a comparative analysis of the manifestation of the LGBTQ community in both Berlin and Stockholm/Scandinavia. In our analysis, we focused on the historical legacy of war in terms of sexuality and gender. World War II has had an enormous impact on the LGBTQ community in Berlin. After the war ended, they actively re-established themselves as a community in the so-called Golden Age. Scandinavians, however, have not been confronted with war to a similar extent. This resulted in some differences that can still be seen today. The typical LGBTQ neighborhood in Berlin is condensed, concentrated, and quite separated from the rest of the city. In Stockholm and Scandinavia, on the other hand, we noticed that the acceptance of the LGBTQ community is much greater and even ‘mainstream.’ Being in Berlin and doing field work allowed us to get first-hand experience on our research topic, which was both helpful and really fun.”

End of sem. showcase STO FA17 (30)

Hannah, Denison University

”In the U.S., I am doing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and here at DIS, I am taking the Forensic Psychology core course. We went on study tour to Edinburgh and one of our academic visits was at a prison. What stood out most is that the prison system in Edinburgh had a strong focus on the psychology of rehabilitation. The ultimate aim is to keep prisons empty and ensure that former prisoners do not commit crimes again. Therefore, several rehabilitation programs are designed that are then directly applied to the prisoners. The programs differ and may correspond to the type of crime committed, in order to keep turn-back rates low. In addition to exploring Edinburgh, it was also really interesting to see what kind of jobs a forensic psychologist can have!”

 Stort tack till Nick Doggen som fotade och intervjuade studenterna.

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