Fyra frågor med Calvin om att bo i en värdfamilj

Calvin läser Translational Medicin på DIS och har under sin tid i Sverige bott hos en värdfamilj på Lidingö. Calvin är en aktiv person som tycker om att träna och röra på sig, vilket även hans värdfamilj gör. Vi har både träffat Calvin på joggingrundan och hemma hos hans värdfamilj för att prata om vad de gjort tillsammans under hans fyra månader i Sverige.

DIS: Why did you decide to do a Homestay?
Calvin: I chose a Homestay because my sister had a wonderful experience in a Homestay through DIS Copenhagen and I wanted to experience the Swedish culture in the most immersive environment.

DIS: What did you hope to get out of the Homestay experience?
Calvin: I hoped to form a meaningful relationship with a Swedish family, be a part of fun family activities, and engage in a cultural exchange that would enrich both my personal life and that of my host family.

Calvin and his homestay

DIS: What is an insight into Swedish culture that you have gained from living in a Homestay?
Calvin: Through direct observation and engagement in winter sports, I have learned that the Swedes absolutely love the weather but never let the weather dictate their outdoor activities. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, my host mom biked to work without the slightest hesitation.

Tidigare i år sprang Calvin Budapest Halvmarathon. 

DIS: What is your favorite small moment you shared with your family?
Calvin: My favorite moment was going running together as a family and simply enjoying the beautiful natural beauty of Lidingö together as a family.

Calvin and his homestay